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enseñanza piano

Aida has been teaching actively for almost 20 years, both privately and in music schools. Her main areas of proven expertise are very young beginners as well as more advanced students.

From a very early stage ( complete beginners, from 5 y. o. onwards) Aida’s goals are to spark and sustain interest in interpretation, as well as to cultivate imagination. A sense of humour and fun are absolutely vital.

In her own words:”Hardly any child at that age decides they want to become a professional pianist. I am able to tap into that inner desire by making things simple and enjoyable. What would be the point of making it difficult and serious for both pupil and the teacher?” She uses a range of different methods, depending on the child’s character and the shape and size of their hand. ”There is so much fantastic contemporary material to accommodate almost any child who wishes to play piano , there is no need to limit resources to boring little exercises”.

Having been trained in the tradition of the Russian school , where a secure technique, projecting “cantabile” , complete freedom of arms and absolute self-discipline are of a vital importance, on a higher level ,Aida does believe in more or less “traditional” teaching approach, while still insisting on students’ personal attitude to interpretation.

Being familiar with all stages of a young pianist’s development, Aida has been in demand giving master classes in Spain and abroad.

enseñanza piano