aida gavrilova piano


Whilst on a visit to an orphanage in her home town of Tuzla in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2006, Aida had the idea to start a music project. This came about after speaking with Meliha Dropic, the founder and conductor of the orphanage children’s choir. Some of the children expressed an interest in taking music lessons, and as Aida had an old upright piano that she was no longer using, she decided to donate her instrument to the children. As she was visiting on holiday, she only had enough time to start the children off with a few initial lessons, and there then followed a search for an adequate teacher who could carry on when she left: it had to be somebody with a lot of patience and familiar with the Bastien method, still unknown in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This was necessary as the children don’t have the conditions to practise every day, due to the fact that there is only one instrument, and it is situated in the library which is used for various other events.

After three years, four children out of the original six who started playing in 2006, continue to learn the piano, and the project is now partly financed by Dandelion Trust from England. The idea is to expand this project to other orphanages in Bosnia and Herzegovina. If you would like to help with monetary contributions, used music (books, sheet music, CDs) or have any other suggestions please get in touch (see contact)

Due to regretful circumstances of the management and the logistics, the project was closed in October 2011.Should you want to make any suggestions about the future of the project that would possibly improve any aspect related to the running and delivery of the operation , Aida would be delighted to hear from you.